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Why Obtain a TEFL Certificate?

Why Obtain a TEFL Certificate? | ITTT | TEFL Blog

The question posed to many of those that are obtaining their certificate to teach English as a foreign language is what are the advantages of having one. This question can have several different answers for many different people. One of the main advantages of obtaining a certificate to teach English as a foreign language is to obtain steady employment.

This post was written by our TEFL certification graduate David S. Please note that this blog post might not necessarily represent the beliefs or opinions of ITTT.

Career perspective

Teaching English to those that are not native to the language will be an employment opportunity for the foreseeable future, and the desire for those to learn English has never been so prominent as it has been in the last few decades. That coupled with the ease and availability at which one can teach English as a foreign language allows those who obtain the certificate even further job security.

This availability at which one can teach English as a foreign language is another attractive aspect of obtaining a certificate, this coupled with the possibility of an infinitely flexible schedule is the main reason why many choose to teach English online. With the advent of the internet and the commercialization of the teaching profession to different parts of the globe has allowed those with a certificate to teach English as a foreign language to have the ability to teach English from the comfort of their own home or anywhere with an internet connection. This allows learners to be taught English by professionals that may not even be in the same country, this expands the availability and the ability for English to be broadcast throughout the globe. For those teachers that have quite the opposite desire, obtaining a certificate to teach English as a foreign language in a foreign country can be attractive and something that will help them facilitate their aspirations.

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For many people worldwide, it is a dream for them to see different parts of the world and teaching English can help them accomplish this goal. Before the advent of the internet, this was the main avenue in which learners of English were taught. This leads to the next popular reason in which people obtain a certificate to teach English as a foreign language, the passion to teach those that are eager to learn. It is a common theme for teachers to have the primary goal of wanting to better the world by teaching and teaching English is perhaps the largest avenue in which they can achieve their goal.

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Life-long learning

Perhaps one of the reasons that many overlook why people obtain a certificate to teach English is in the pursuit of knowledge. Many people strive to learn as much as they can throughout their life this certificate can help them accomplish that goal.

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There are many reasons why one chooses to teach English to those both in-person and online to students that are both across the globe and in their nation, but whatever the reason it is clear that this profession will be a valuable asset to those that are willing to embark on the journey for any number of the previously mentioned rationals.

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