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Why Learning Teaching Skills Is Important

Why Learning Teaching Skills Is Important | ITTT | TEFL Blog

Modern society demands high-quality teaching and learning from teachers. Teachers have to possess a great deal of knowledge and skills about both teaching and assessment practices to meet those demands and standards of quality education.

This post was written by our TEFL certification graduate Vivian M. Please note that this blog post might not necessarily represent the beliefs or opinions of ITTT.

Benefits for Teachers

Effective teacher learning and professional development are important for student’s achievement. Teacher learning skills are a continuous process that promotes teaching skills, master new knowledge, develop new proficiency which in turn helps to improve students learning. Teacher learning skills influences student learning outcome, this is the reason why teachers need to do teacher learning skills to achieve learning outcome in the form of changed believes about their practice or, better change in behavior.

The teacher outcomes in terms of knowledge and skills in a field of classroom management influence student learning environment as well as learning outcomes. Teachers should have skills that will emotionally support classroom organization and instructional support aspects of classroom interaction among teachers and students. However, for this to happen the teacher must possess knowledge and skills to understand how these to work the difference that they can bring for a teacher in the classroom and why knowledge and teacher learning skills are important. A teacher who has been provided with the proper training of the teacher's learning skills is always up-to-date with the information on classroom management, emerging technology tools, new curriculum resources and more could become a success factor to their schools. The best thing the teacher can do is to be collaborative, and connected to and derived from working with the students and understanding their culture. In addition to being knowledgeable in your area of expertise and having the ability to plan and execute lesson plans, successful teachers also need to possess a few “extra” personal skills.


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Teaching Success

The teaching skills won’t only help you be a good teacher, but a successful one as well. Patience is also one of the skills a teacher can possess because without this it is very difficult for a teacher to be effective as it is said students will always try to test the patience of the teacher at all cost if the teacher doesn’t have this skill then it turns out that teaching is not for you. The other skill is that of creativity this allows the teacher to think outside the box use the resources that he/she can have to create amazing lessons and activities as well as coming up with creative activities/ways to handle discipline in the classroom. The other teacher's learning skill is that of communication and collaboration have this skill within you is very important as this will help the teacher to communicate effectively with the students, parents, and colleagues (members of staff) to be effective at their job. Teachers need this skill to communicate important information to students effectively without making errors that might land the teacher in trouble. The teacher who has the assessment skill will have students who will be eager to learn since they know that they will have many chances to do well. Well-rounded assessment involves the teacher to provide different types of projects and tests so that each student recognizes something in which they excel.

teacher helping a student

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Work with Students

Teaching skills require the teacher to understand his/her students at the beginning of the year. Professional development in the area of learning teaching skill is a must for any teacher wanting to create a positive environment for learning, This skill challenges the teacher to think outside the box when it comes to instruction and classroom management. A teacher with the right skills inspires and as well as influences the entire student's lives. They are instruments that can ignite powerful thoughts in students, helping them to unleash their true potential. To bring about such long-standing impacts, teachers need to have certain skills. Classroom management skill is important as it starts with the setting of certain rules to maintain the importance of classroom dignity. The student-teacher relationship emerges when you demonstrate a willingness to lend an ear to the problems faced by your students. Teachers need to have a good rapport with the students so that positive productive and safe learning is created in classrooms. There is also what is known as the Observation skills this is the prime responsibility of teachers to have a thorough understanding of the cognitive, emotional and social development of students. Since a classroom is filled with students coming from different parental backgrounds. This skill will help the teacher to be aware of the learning capabilities of different students. Here observation is the key skill that every teacher should possess to become an effective one.

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A class can have slow learners and fast learners as they are challenges that teachers face day in and day out it’s why a teacher should possess the observation skill to adopt specific teaching patterns so that no one is left behind. The Student Engagement skills are also important for the teacher to possess them because in everyday life teacher handles a bunch of students with different mentalities towards learning. Hence for the teacher to be effective in such a class he/she must have the student engagement skills so he/she can motivate their students. This is important because it can help the teacher to use different strategies such as visual and impressive facts like developing a strong rapport with students by showing interest in them and their interests.

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Everyone has resources and interest s on which to build. Learning a topic does not begin from knowing anything to learning that is based on entirely new information. Many kinds of learning require transforming existing understanding. Teachers have a critical role in assisting learners to engage their understanding, building learners’ understanding and engaging with the students it’s the reason why learning teaching skills is important to a teacher.

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