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Why I took the ITTT TEFL course?

Why I took the ITTT TEFL course? | ITTT | TEFL Blog

Understanding the importance of teaching the English language.

The last 10 years the world have witnessed an increase in teaching English as a 2nd language, as we witness a shift in structural teaching to commutative and learning center approach, This new approach in teaching ESL to recognize the importance of ESL to the student, they suggest teaching methods and teaching techniques that help learner acquire the language in anxiety reduce environment.

This post was written by our TEFL certification graduate Ihab E. Please note that this blog post might not necessarily represent the beliefs or opinions of ITTT.

Why I am here

At my age and after I reach a point in my life to star and enjoy a simpler life, my goal is to start exploring the world, share my knowledge, my time and teach English to ESL and EFL seekers all over the world while exploring and enjoying different cultures and countries.

I signed for this class, dedicated my self for personal growth and doing my best at all times and be certified ESL and EFL teacher. I started the class not knowing what to expect, I was surprised how professionally presented and will write this program.

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The course and unites

I know with online learning student must take responsibility and ownership of own learning. I started the first unite thinking it will be all about English teaching, grammar. pronunciation and spelling. but as I started to keep moving through the unites I learn so many things that I was not aware of from learning techniques, calls management, class materials learning methods, teaching approach, student grading, class materials and everything that I will need to succeed in teaching English to the students.

I am always aware of the importance of respect and understanding the different cultures around the world, now after finishing the class, I understand the steps that I will take to deal with all culture issue that I might face. during the class I never felt the class was too long or too short, I never felt the class is waste of time or does not need much time, actually, the class was perfect in every way, each unites cover and focus on what I need to learn., with all my work experience in sale this class helped me enhance my skill even in my work field.

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My expectation

I feel great for my accomplishment in this class and looking forward to starting my new chapter as a teacher, helping and share what I learn in this class and take the time need it to be successful in this field. I know it is not an easy task, I am aware the experience will not be easy, I know the standard of living will be much less, I know the environment is less comfortable.

My goals.

I will be devoted to the success of all students, I will help create an environment for the student to feel comfortable to remove all anxiety, to motivate the students, to be creative and use all tools to help teach the students the proper English language, to understand that most of the students need to learn for financial reason. to be the best I can be and do what right all the time and every time. creat environment in the class free from stereotyping by gender, race, culture, religion or ability, and my ultimate goal that to start with help from ITTT in finding a teaching position.

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