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Top Four Reasons to Learn English

Top Four Reasons to Learn English | ITTT | TEFL Blog

There are so many reasons it is important to learn the English language. Before you begin or continue on your learning journey, it is also important to consider your ‘why’. Why are you learning English? Is it simply a personal desire you have always had? Is it because you want to land a better job or career? Is it because you have a big upcoming presentation at work and you are nervous to speak English in front of your boss and colleagues? Let’s take a look at the benefits of learning English.

English is Spoken in More Than 50 Countries Worldwide

English is an extremely relevant language that is spoken in several different popular countries including the United States, The United Kingdom, Canada, Jamaica, South Africa, and so many more! While English isn’t the primary language of every country, you will find that it is spoken in at least one country on every continent. This means if you love to travel, it’s pretty easy to go anywhere where you can interact with speakers of the English language and practice!

It Makes Traveling Easier and More Enjoyable

Most people in the world desire to visit America at one point in their lives whether it’s for tourism, to work, or to relocate permanently. Major cities, such as New York City (where I’m from) and Los Angeles are extremely fast-paced and will require you to know at least the basics of English (greetings, ordering from a restaurant, and even social normalities) if you want to communicate positively with the locals. I used to work for Homeland Security at JFK airport and let me tell you, it’s very difficult and quite scary for visitors that don’t know the language. Some Americans can be very impatient with non-English speakers, so it is good to at least know enough English to ask and answer questions. It also helps so that you can avoid those tricky cabbies and tourist solicitors that want to take advantage of you and make you pay ridiculous prices for their services!

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You Will Have More Job Opportunities

With English being such a lucrative language, employers are always looking to hire candidates that speak the language. Many job positions such as call-center representatives, flight attendants, restaurant servers, and many other customer service jobs require proficiency in English. In countries that receive a lot of English speaking tourists, companies will definitely require you to speak the language so that you can serve their customers efficiently. When it comes down to it, the better you speak English the more money you will earn.

You Will Become More Intelligent

Learning a language is a challenge, a fun one! It takes a lot of memorization and thought- processing. People who speak more than one language have been proven to be able to understand various concepts better. Scientifically, your brain actually grows to accommodate all of that new language you are learning. Your cognitive functions improve. The younger a person begins learning a new language, the better for their brain. Who wouldn’t want to become more intelligent?

The Bottom Line

Whatever your reason for learning English, it is well worth the time and investment. In English, we have a saying that goes: don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. This means if there is something you need to do, do not wait because you will keep delaying the process. Apply this concept to learning or improving your English and get started by taking a trial lesson with me today!

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