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The Top Reasons To Complete a TEFL Course

The Top Reasons To Complete a TEFL Course | ITTT | TEFL Blog

There are many reasons to undertake a TEFL course. Completing the 120-hour TEFL course allows you to expand your portfolio. The TEFL certification gives you an edge over other candidates when applying to certain jobs.

This is not just one more qualification that will help you stand out in a global marketplace. Most countries around the world recognize what the TEFL certification is, and the effort it takes to obtain it. Having this certification in your arsenal will undoubtedly serve to bolster your curriculum vitae, and your credibility, for any prospective future jobs, will assuredly be elevated.

This post was written by our TEFL certification graduate Giuseppe T.

“Having a TEFL certification affords me the luxury of living overseas in a foreign country.”

Having taken the course myself, I feel the opportunities, which are now available to me, are quite vast. Of course, all jobs are not created equal, and every person has different wants and desires for their careers. Having a TEFL certification affords me the luxury of working and, depending on the job assignment, living overseas in a foreign country.

I am now able to look at a globe, spin it, close my eyes, and allow my finger to point to any random country on it. Regardless of the location, my finger lands on, chances are quite high that country needs a TEFL certification to be hired to work there as an English teacher. This means that if I dream of teaching English in Germany, France, or Spain, I can do so.

“A TEFL certificate can serve you well beyond just teaching English.”

In addition to all the places throughout the world that you are now able to seek employment in, as an English teacher, you gained the benefits of having new knowledge, which can serve you well beyond just teaching English.

Taking the TEFL certification course itself is a great way to expand your knowledge of teaching English to non-native speakers. It covers so many diverse subjects that will enhance your natural abilities, and allow you to become a more effective instructor.

Moreover, the opportunities the TEFL certification can open for working remotely from home are numerous. There are of course many companies, which will also require English teachers to obtain a bachelors degree alongside a TEFL certification, but there are also some who do not require a degree at all and just need a TEFL certification.

This freedom allows TEFL certified English instructors the flexibility and the mobility of having an office anywhere in the world, be it in Germany, France, or Spain, as long as they are able to have access to a stable Internet connection. Having this kind of freedom and flexibility will be beneficial to the English instructor’s home life. They are able to maintain a predictable schedule for work, all while preserving a home life that allows for family time.

“It may sound like a fairytale job that does not exist, but this reality is within reach with a TEFL.”

Working from home is one of the luxuries afforded to a certified TEFL English instructor. Being able to take a vacation to go see the Hawaiian Islands, visit the Grand Canyon, or go see the extended family on the island of Sicily, is possible with such a job. These may sound like fairytale jobs that do not exist, but this reality is within reach. These kinds of jobs do exist and can be had. It all starts by taking the first steps to becoming an English instructor by completing the 120-hour TEFL certification course.

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