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The Potential of English as a Global Language from the China Perspective

The Potential of English as a Global Language from the China Perspective | ITTT | TEFL Blog

Nowadays, more people are learning English. There are many private English-teaching companies like New Oriental, Meten, Wallstreetenglish and more. We can also find many public schools in countries like China that teach English from people's childhood. This essay tries to make the potential of English clearer. As a result, people who are absolute beginners of English or who are going to teach those beginners will have a map and a compass in mind to refer to about the motivation for language learning on their way to the future.

Table of Contents

Potential for mankind development:

Potential for organizations' cooperation.

Long way to go in helping individuals:

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This post was written by our TEFL certification graduate Carpenter L. Please note that this blog post might not necessarily represent the beliefs or opinions of ITTT.

As we know, English as a language has only 26 letters, which is much lower than the number of Chinese characters. More importantly, one can easily produce the appropriate pronunciation by just seeing the word's form. Consequently, one uses less time to learn basic English than if he or she learns Chinese. Focused on structures and having an agreement between pronunciation and spelling, English in nature spreads faster.

We can find many people who use English now. They come from different industries: business, tourism, education, transportation, medicine, catering, information technology, academies, and law industry, etc. But English is still gaining momentum. There is even cooperation between venture capitals and a kids' English teaching brand called VIP kid. Naturally, there are many things for future teachers and beginners to expect from the potentiality of English as a global language. Below are the potentialities elaborated.

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Potential for mankind development:

  • Saving more people and people's more time in general. English is already a ready-made language. We keep using it then some people will save the trouble from learning another language out of necessity. This at least saves manyresources especially time. People can concentrate more on the path forward that they are all going to commit to.
  • Getting more ideas and inspirations from different language users shared faster. English is the common language, people just talk and share on a one-piece language platform. People can also learn and educate themselves there.

Potential for organizations' cooperation.

  • There will be more space for international companies to reduce their communication costs, more people learningEnglish means fewer translation costs which is usually much more expensive.
  • Organizations with culture communications can successfully maintain much longer relationships with partners.
  • When organizations encounter law conflicts, they still have English to refer to. English here will continue playing an important role as a law intermediator.

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Long way to go in helping individuals:

  • Since English is already an important global language, people who use it can easily access internationalresources immediately. This advantage alone will attract more and more attention to learners worldwide.
  • Making friends worldwide is no less interesting than just traveling worldwide. When people travel, people talk.Trains move faster. planes get bigger. English will also be more popular.
  • People are part of the culture. They all feel like sharing their own culture with international friends in some way.If one is Chinese, another is Spanish, they would possibly use English first.

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In conclusion, the potential of English is enormous and long-lasting in terms of many aspects including different subjects like countries, organizations, companies, and individuals, different industries like science, arts, culture, technology, and education. We will never stop learning English if we still want to communicate.

What everyone can do is to continue letting English make our life better and use it to protect our earth and develop science and forge a brighter future. The crises that our human race faces in this century are global warming, diseases, terrorism, and a slow economy, etc.(From the United Nations website) English here is more than just a global language. It is one of this century's eyes.

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