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The Most Essential Personal Qualities of a Good English Teacher

The Most Essential Personal Qualities of a Good English Teacher | ITTT | TEFL Blog

An English teacher must have a good, presentable quality because it's beneficial to the students in all areas of learning, and as a teacher, the student interest should be your major priority. There are some qualities a teacher is expected to possess, in this essay a few will be mentioned alongside its benefits to the students and the teachers.

This post was written by our TEFL certification graduate Uwaina O. Please note that this blog post might not necessarily represent the beliefs or opinions of ITTT.

Kindness and patience

These are personal qualities a teacher is expected to have because students tend to be more comfortable approaching the teacher for guidance when the need arises if they notice the teacher is warm towards them, this will, in turn, make the student learn faster. A teacher that loves teaching makes the job seem easier for them to carry out, this quality will help build patience by the teacher towards the students, making the teacher eager to take every student along during lessons.

Being lively and entertaining in the classroom is a good quality a teacher should possessOne of the functions of a teacher is to lead and control students. The way the teacher leads the students is the order in which the class goes. if a teacher begins a class in a moody attitude, that is the way the class will go, in a dull manner, which will be a disadvantage to the student. On the other hand, when a teacher is lively, the class becomes interesting and inspiring for the students. Again, a teacher should be able to motivate his/her students, this helps the students boost their interest in the language courses. Without student interest in a course, it’s difficult for them to learn.

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A teacher of English should have a good knowledge of the subject before undertaking the course, without this, the teacher cannot have a positive effect on the students. A teacher is expected to have a good relationship with the student, this helps the student to be at ease around the teacher, which allows them to air their views on topics discussed in the classroom at any time. Another quality a teacher should possess is the ability to correct students without having to offend them, the teacher can always point out the things the student does correctly to encourage the student and make other corrections without the use of offensive tones or insulting words, this tends to prompt the students to do more and always take to corrections. This will make the teacher’s job always a success.

Also, being able to spot a student's weakness and strength is a personal quality an English teacher should have. This can depend on the level of the student-teacher relationship. When a teacher interacts more with the English students, it’s easy for the teacher to spot their weakness just by listening to them speak, which can always be corrected at any time by the teacher, making the student learn more. The teacher should be able to carry his/her student along, by giving more attention to the students in the classroom and setting up extra classes for students who have difficulties.

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All these are reasons why good personal qualities are important for an English teacher.

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