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Teaching Job: How Do People See it?

Teaching Job: How Do People See it? | ITTT | TEFL Blog

Most would simply say that a teacher is that person standing in front of a classroom "teaching", and they wouldn't be wrong. If a little more thought is actually given to the question, people would begin to understand that a teacher is much more than someone reading out of a book or simply following a syllabus, flipping through the pages just to get from cover to cover. The role of a teacher as it has always been being something often overlooked and taken for granted.

This post was written by our TEFL certification graduate Brendon S. Please note that this blog post might not necessarily represent the beliefs or opinions of ITTT.

Importance for Society

Teachers play a vital part not only in the development of children but in society as a whole. Helping to mold a child's personality, guiding them and offering assistance in more than just academic related difficulties. Spending hours with students, teachers often see more of the child than their parents do, and are very receptive to changes in attitude and mannerisms. Able to notice when a child is possibly going through troubling times, whether it be a problem at home or personal developments in life. A teacher finds themselves in a prime position to offer support in the form of advice or counsel. Guiding students and helping to develop moral characteristics.

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Knowledge Transfer

Other than being there in the capacity of someone to offer counsel, a teacher is at their core a provider of knowledge. Someone with an honest interest in imparting that knowledge and getting to know their students as more than just faces. Care and intention have to be behind the lessons, with a desire to see all succeed. If a student isn’t, it is the role of the teacher to ask themselves why? Is it me? What can I do to help whoever is it that is struggling? The classroom is a constantly evolving environment and a variety of strategies and methods have to be implemented to address all the areas and difficulties that students may come to face in trying to achieve their goals.

Teacher’s Experience

Teachers too have to change with the times, they themselves have to be students. Learning from their experience and past lessons. Applying new material and elements to classes. Keeping up-to-date with the latest materials and teaching techniques. Incorporating the old with the new. Utilizing all available resources to not only to supplement provided course material but at times to introduce something entirely new to achieve the same aim and have students understand what they have been asked to learn. Efficient and effective lesson planning is what makes a successful teacher, but it is not the only thing. Being easily approachable but not too lenient that students don’t respect the position of a teacher is a careful balance that must be maintained. Balancing different personalities as well as maintaining fairness and equality in any classroom is another quality that teachers must exhibit.

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Teaching Skills

This most easily comes with experience but is also directly related to a teacher’s personality. A teacher just as anyone in any other profession will have their strong points and their weak points. Identifying these weak points and working on a more acceptable balance has to be done quickly as students no matter what their age will take advantage and disrupted lessons will soon be a common occurrence. Maintaining discipline and respect in the classroom, whilst also providing an environment that is not too restrictive, learning from mistakes, constantly staying up- to- date, being well prepared and engaging students. Proper time management with a professional approach, showing care other than what is required to achieve a successful grade, continually assessing and critiquing themselves. Remaining patient, open-minded and understanding all come under the umbrella of a teacher’s many qualities and responsibilities.

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