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Is Teaching ESL/EFL Online Convenient?

Is Teaching ESL/EFL Online Convenient? | ITTT | TEFL Blog

Online teaching is a term used to explain distance conversational courses that are offered over the internet platform. Nowadays, learning a second language as English is open to the World. So far, E-teaching is very effective because it gives teachers chances to teach from home for lower costs. Online teaching provides new opportunities for students and teachers. For example, everyone would have access to English no matter where the location is if they have the internet. Online teaching gives teachers flexibility in teaching hours. The Internet is a very competitive learning environment for young learners. It is easier to fix mistakes from home and less embarrassing. Online teaching can be very comfortable at home because there is no dress code or teachers do not need to get ready for work and bother with transportation.

This post was written by our TEFL certification graduate Ozge R. Please note that this blog post might not necessarily represent the beliefs or opinions of ITTT.


Teaching online courses has the advantage of modern technology with important points such as drive problem solving, quick connection to other resources, and critical thinking skills for deeper learning. So basically, the internet makes learning and teaching easy, so that English can be learned and taught at any time for a lower cost. Also, teachers can gain confidence before teaching in front of a classroom. Students would try harder to learn because they are paying for private lessons. Therefore, there would be no discipline issues and it makes E-learning very convenient.

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Qualifications needed

There are some required qualifications to become an online teacher. Such as TEFL certification, 4-year college degree, device requirements (for example camera, headset, etc.). Online teaching can be the most convenient job in the world to make money because teachers have the chance to share their knowledge, spending less energy and money.

Benefits of Working Online

From my perspective, there is no doubt that online teaching will benefit teachers’ and student’s lives and perceptions of their lives. Both sides will have opportunities to experience and learn about each other’s cultures from miles away. If it is more convenient for a teacher to teach late at night, that would be possible because of the time change between the countries. For example, 8:00 am in Turkey can be around 10:00 pm in the USA. If the student is in Turkey and ready to learn at 8:00 am, it would be 10:00 pm in the USA for teachers to teach and it is very convenient for some teachers according to their family lifestyle.

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There are also many benefits for students who learn English online. For example, online courses offer access to updated content, quick delivery of a lesson. It can be portable, self-paced, and relevant. Online courses give students full control over their learning process. Online learning makes learning convenient for students who have disabilities and health problems, and for those who cannot travel or cannot use transportation. Online courses offer shy students the opportunity to participate in a more comfortable environment. Traditional classes may cancel during snowstorms and students may miss their school. However, for students who can take their online English classes at home, they would not miss their courses. Even the most basic online English classes require computer tasks and skills. Therefore, online courses improve students' technological skills.

"Time is what everybody wants most, but also what everybody uses worst." quoted William Penn and it is very true in the E-learning world. It is not bound by time, and it can be managed by teachers' impact on production by teaching students during downtimes. Therefore E-Learning is a great way to give students the skills and the tools needed to enhance their performance to do more with less.

“We need a sense of the value of time that is, of the best way to divide one’s time into one’s various activities.”

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