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Important Personal Qualities of English Teachers

Important Personal Qualities of English Teachers | ITTT | TEFL Blog

Teachers are resourceful and students expect lots of values from them as teachers themselves are expected to share molding lessons as well.

Upon delivering ‎language lessons, the personal qualities of teachers engage the classroom dynamics well. Let's see some personal qualities of teachers that contribute positive empowerment.

This post was written by our TEFL certification graduate Fasil K. Please note that this blog post might not necessarily represent the beliefs or opinions of ITTT.

1. Motivational skills

Motivation activates. It refreshes, shakes, walks and moves students' activities. Motivation invites involvement, elevates enthusiasm, accommodates self-initiative, energizes ambition, welcomes attention and embraces self-confidence.

Motivation can be activated in many ways such as a sense of humor, friendly greetings, attractive puzzles, achievement stories, entertaining show scripts, comedies, and folk tales.Teachers with such personal and unique motivational skills/qualities can engage students with comfort interactively.

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2. Eye contact

If we like to have attention, we have to offer ours too. In a fluency based lesson environment, addressing issues to listeners require greater attention and eye contact can carry-on such attentions to deliver messages promptly. The eye contact-oriented teachers maneuver this skill and students pay attention to it closely. Communicative eye contact is a quality what teachers should try to offer.

teacher preparing

3. Physical appearance

On top of what we are, how we look matters a lot. Proper outfits reflect neat personality and teachers should reflect that attraction. The way they wear should be magnetic to first-hand attention. They should be the reason for student's appreciation, "you look great!". That adds value to teachers' personal qualities.

4. Body language

It is not only what we ‎say is important. How we express what we say is useful and body language plays a significant role in any given communication level. Expressive hand and head movements play significant roles theatrically and teachers having these qualities can interact with receptive students.

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5. Using civil languages

What ‎ we say reflects what we are and wise teachers choose appropriate vocabularies as they are taken as models in language lessons. Students learn and they like to learn constructively and that happens when teachers have personal qualities of using civil language applications.

6. Positive attitude

Attitude is everything and our attitude reveals who and what we are. When teachers share a positive attitude in class, students join them with positive participation and classes can generate positive outcomes ultimately. Therefore, using a positive attitude strengthens positive energy even more‎. It is a source of open-mindedness and teachers with such personal qualities can always enjoy inviting class attitudes as well.

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7. Problem-solving skills

How careful and attentive we minimize mistakes and bridges problem gaps but that doesn't mean that no problem can occur.

Students activate themselves to learn but not to make mistakes. We encourage them to do that and during such learning processes, problems can arise. Teachers with problem-solving skills have personal qualities of identifying such problems, they cultivate students to acknowledge the problems and to be part of ‎the solutions as well. Without problem-solving skills/qualities, problems can keep on arising and piling.

esl teacher

8. Flexibility and time management

Good teachers are good listeners. They are not the "my way or the highway" people. Their special qualities of accommodation are fascinating. Their flexible behavior is rewarding. Their patience, tolerance, the "take more time and try it again" attitude is magnificent. They don't act only like bosses. They show leadership and students admire them with full participation. They put students first. Students feel impressed with such personal qualities of teachers and follow them with less or no hesitations.

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9. Creativity

In this business and professional world, teachers become central figures. They shape educational institutions by producing students productively.

Innovation and enhancement depend on creativity and no exception to teaching the English profession as it depends on teachers' creative ways of teaching as well.

Teachers shouldn't rely only on school textbooks or materials‎. Creative teachers think outside the box and try to find and use different new teaching materials, techniques and mechanisms.Understanding and analyzing students' cultures, traditions, and language levels, creative teachers come up with materials that complement and supplement existing textbooks a textbooks plan materials. ‎Different ways they use to present and implement such initiatives can create all-time eagerness for students.

Teachers who go along with students in particular and with schools, in general, are those who have qualities of creativity since they never make students feel bored.

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Even though the personal qualities of ‎teachers are limitless, the more unique qualities teachers come up with, the greater the values they have to offer. What counts the most is not only the lesson they have to share, it is all about their different ways of addressing it. All that goes with the personal qualities of teachers such as mentioned here and which students can count on.

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