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How Can Teachers Increase Their Confidence in the Classroom?

How Can Teachers Increase Their Confidence in the Classroom? | ITTT | TEFL Blog

Teachers face several and different situations inside their classrooms every day. These situations may be even beyond their comfort zone. A teacher’s commitment, confidence, and interest create a more positive pleasant classroom environment that will also radiate to students towards becoming efficient and productive learners. Aside from that, a confident character among teachers would consistently and positively impact not just their learners’ achievement, but also their attitude and even socio-emotional growth.

This post was written by our TEFL certification graduate Renato V. Please note that this blog post might not necessarily represent the beliefs or opinions of ITTT.


Heightening a teacher's confidence is a gradual; process and would mean having efficient preparation. Teachers must know that they are getting into and be ready for whatever may happen in every situation. For instance, teachers must think and work through a lesson ahead of time, consider some potential difficulties that may arise, and provide solutions in dealing with these difficulties. However, one should always remember that a lesson should follow the pace of the students.

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Flexibility and Risks

Following efficient preparation, teachers should consider their mastery of the lesson taught. However, when teachers will be caught empty-handed in a situation, they should not be afraid to admit mistakes or to admit that they do not know something. Turn those questions that you do not know into a learning experience. Students, in any way, will pay respect to a teacher for saying the truth and adapting to their learning needs. It is also helpful and important that teachers listen to experienced teachers around them and pay attention to their views about how they deal with day to day difficult situations in the classroom. Remember that every individual learns not only by himself or herself but also with the experiences of others too.

Confidence does not only arise through preparation and mastery. It could also be grasped through a teacher’s body language, projection, words, and actions. Aside from that there should be a strict teacher-student distance maintained. Breaking down a professional barrier would be harder for a teacher to demand respect from students. Nevertheless, respect begets respect. Once a teacher feels being respected, she/he will gain profound confidence in her/her teaching career.

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Another way of increasing teachers’ confidence is by paying close attention to every students’ needs. Building good rapport with students can be achieved by adding various games and activities that will help the students participate in the class with much more enthusiasm. Being able to spend a substantial amount of time understanding students and emphasizing them would tend to have a decent ability in teaching them. On the other hand, it is also important for teachers to be consistent in praises and sanctions. Do not allow any deviation of agreed rules placed in the classroom. Teachers must know the importance of the power of positive words.

Students like recognition, the same as true with teachers. Teachers achieve more when they are being valued and appreciated. Having an agreeable and enjoyable working environment as well as approachable superiors suggests the improvement of every teachers’ confidence in the classroom. When the schools, stakeholders support one another, particularly teachers, it could build a harmonious relationship and will influence the learners as well.

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The attitude and confidence that teachers wear on their faces are the first things students notice, even before they speak. So teachers must act confidently, comfortable with the classroom situation, and eagerly waiting for the interaction among students. Teachers must affirm that they have the necessary skills and education to gain a confident façade. It is also a need to remember that positive behavior and a positive affirmation will program a teacher’s mind to replace negative thoughts and fears.

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Confidence does not happen overnight. It is a gradual and continuous process. What builds teachers’ confidence in the classroom is believing themself and their skills, not underestimating or undermining their own.

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