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Family and Its Importance in a Student’s Development

Family and Its Importance in a Student’s Development | ITTT | TEFL Blog

As the learning of a child starts at home parents are their first teachers and they have a key duty in shaping up their character and Learning of anything including English. A child’s education at home and school makes a child’s actual learning. Being a helping hand in their learning journey and traveling with them with true inspiration. Parental encouragement had played a crucial role in successful students. Their role is not limited to home but involvement in school activities too.

This post was written by our TEFL certification graduate GLADYS N. Please note that this blog post might not necessarily represent the beliefs or opinions of ITTT.

A child’s learning is highly related to how they are treated at home. Here are a few ways which parents can do to help with their child’s learning English.

Becoming a role model for the kids as they would be easily inspired by what their parents do.

So it would be good to be a role model in their learning. Parents are a kid’s first teachers and so learn the first things together at home. Show them how exciting, nice and meaningful studying English can be if they try and give their best. Inspire them to learn English in and out of school with friendly reminders and guidance.

Parents can read together with the child.

Doing things together with parents gives them a sense of support and confidence. Reading the lessons together is one of the best ways to be close to the child’s learning at school. This not only improves their English vocabulary but makes them have the interest to read more. It is also a good idea to visit the library together and share quality books to help them get more knowledge than classroom lessons.

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Overseeing the child’s activity

It is important to have an eye on the child’s activity in school and at home. Their general habits are closely linked to how they perform in their studies. So give advice and correct any abnormal behavior right from the childhood days and inspire them to be good citizens. Help them to be more organized with their daily routine and find enough time for the English lessons.

Devising fun ways to learn

Make learning a fun activity by devising some interesting ways. Gamification is also a good idea to adopt for home learning too. Utilize the traveling time and playing time to help them memorize and revise the difficult topic areas with some fun tricks. Perform fun quizzes and friendly debates at home that cover their lessons or include flashcard activities to revise their subjects with fun.

Talking with your kid

You can ask your child how school was. Spend enough time every day to talk to your kid even if you have tight schedules. Learn from them about their concerns or doubts about any happenings in and out of school. Make sure that they are not worried about any thoughts or scary things and give them moral support for the problems they are facing.

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Encouraging active learning

Active learning has a lot of benefits over other forms of learning. It is the role of parents to encourage them for active learning at home which reflects on the way they perform in classrooms. You may also take initiatives to help them form a good friend circle with the neighborhood kids and organize interesting activities that will be done when speaking English.This not only makes them lively but also gives a spirit of peer to peer learning with a fun experience.

Helping them relax

In addition to the busy learning schedule and playtime, make sure that they are getting proper rest at the end of the day. Help them to relax with a good night’s sleep and proper food. Take the effort to know your child’s areas of interests and include them in the holiday time to give them a good relief from the stress of studies.

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Being a good friend

Last but not the least, it is important to be a good friend of your kid. Give them a space to share anything that comes to their mind and express their true feelings. This way they are exercising their speaking English .Give them the assurance that you would offer a helping hand despite what all comes their way. This would boost their confidence level and help them to excel and perform better in learning English. Besides school learning, a parent's active role during their study life can help them to grow up with better social skills and improved behavior. Students with good support from home have achieved better grades at learning English and grew up with higher self-esteem.

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