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Effectiveness of Teacher Confidence and Skill

Effectiveness of Teacher Confidence and Skill | ITTT | TEFL Blog

A classroom can be a daunting environment for a teacher. They have been placed as the responsible leader of a classroom, and it is their duty to ensure that the students leave with something. Specifically, in an ESOL classroom, teachers feel that there is a lot of pressure to not fail the students. To assuage this anxiety, teachers must find security in their confidence. They have trained, and they have the knowledge to succeed. By relying on the information that they know, they can create a learning environment that provides comfort for everyone.

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One of the most confidence building exercises for teachers is to be prepared for the class beforehand. The most important piece is to create a lesson plan that can exist as a guide. The teacher can look back at their plan to see where they are, and they can adjust as necessary. If the class get off track, they can always come back to the lesson plan. If they have broken there plan down appropriately with ESA, then they should find confidence in what it means to me the engage, study, and active modes. Also, when preparing a lesson, the teacher should be comfortable with the material. For example, future tenses are not a strong suit for me. I would refresh myself with the material, and then I would make my lesson plan more detailed.

In terms of physically preparing, a teacher should prepare their classroom. This means getting to the classroom before the students. If the whiteboard is in use, it might be helpful to write things beforehand. If the teacher is using technology, they should make sure that everything works beforehand. Being prepared eliminates scrambling to get things in order.

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Think about your students

The students in the classroom are the most important. You are there for them. This can be a source of anxiety, but it can also be a source of joy and confidence. A teacher should know and understand classroom dynamics. This comes from building a relationship with the students. Introductions are the most important. Get to know your students, and they will be more comfortable with engaging in the class. Also, allow opportunities for students to get to know each other with Activate activities centered on group work. A comfortable classroom helps create a confident teacher.


Another part of creating a more confident teacher is being firm, but respectable. The students should look up to you as a leader. If teachers believe they have control over their class, then they can teach without worries. This does not mean that it is okay to be mean and rude. It means that the teacher visibly cares about the students and the material.

Teachers can show care to the students by creating lesson plans and using materials that align with the language level of the students. Teachers can also frequently get feedback from the students. In terms of discipline, teachers should be knowledgeable about the school rules in order to enforce them. For example, the teacher should not make threats or yell at the students/. By having a temperature of the classroom, teachers gain more confidence in teaching.

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Growing confidence in teaching abilities is centered around the teacher’s ability to preparedness. If the teacher continues to rely on their knowledge, they will begin to gain confidence, and the students will also see this. As time goes on, the teacher will get to know the classroom better, and therefore they will gain more confidence.

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