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The Best Apps to Have on Your Phone While Teaching English Abroad

The Best Apps to Have on Your Phone While Teaching English Abroad | ITTT | TEFL Blog

In recent years, more and more classrooms have become more technologically advanced and more and more teachers are using digital teaching materials. However, you don’t always need to hand out tablets to your students or have a fancy digital whiteboard to take advantage of recent advances in digital teaching materials. Here are some great apps to have on your phone while teaching English abroad that you can use to enhance your lessons and really engage your students in the classroom.

Apps for Inside the Classroom


This app allows you to create an interactive whiteboard filled with instructional videos that can be watched as a class or at home. You can also annotate and animate your content to make it more fun to learn for your students. The best part about this app is that you can also invite your students to share their ideas and help other students with tutorials.


There is nothing worse than a boring lesson - for both the students and the teacher. However, with Kahoot, you can easily turn any subject into a fun game that involves all of your students. You can create your own questions and answers and create a game show style activity that can be played with the whole class. The best part is that your students don’t even need to download the app to play.

Epic! Unlimited Books for Kids

This epic app gives teachers access to over 20,000 popular children’s books, including editions from National Geographic and Goosebumps. This is especially useful if you have to create your own curriculum for reading classes or if your school doesn’t have an extensive student library.

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Sometimes it can be hard to come up with fun school projects for your students. Instructables is a great resource for your next fun project and your students will love it. Whether you are looking for a science project or an art craft, you will definitely find something useful for your students here.

Apps for Outside the Classroom


Additio is likely going to become your new best friend. This nifty app keeps track of all your students’ grades and attendance, as well as your timetable, and it also lets you save class notes. You can even communicate and exchange ideas with fellow teachers.


What is a teacher’s worst nightmare? Your students didn’t do their homework and you have to spend the whole lesson doing the work during class and fall behind on your curriculum. But don’t worry, Slack is a useful messaging app that lets teachers communicate with students and send out messages and reminders for homework, due projects, papers and everything else you’d like to remind your students of.

Teacher's Assistant Pro

Teacher’s Assistant Pro is a very useful app that helps you to keep a record of classroom behavior. The app lets you create an incident report, complete with date, time, location and even “evidence” photos. This is especially useful for parent-teacher conferences to explain exactly what happened and to clear up any misunderstandings.


Similar to Slack, the Remind app also sends out reminders to students. The only difference is that you can even communicate with the parents through this app. Moreover, the messages sent through the app can be translated into over 70 different languages, which is perfect for overcoming the language barrier between foreign teachers and parents when teaching English abroad.


Many teachers around the globe use Classtree to send out notifications to parents of upcoming projects, field trips, exams and much more. It eliminates paper parent consent forms completely and also eliminates the chances of students losing these letters to their parents. The app also shows you exactly who has read your message and who still needs to sign.


Another helpful app that we shouldn’t miss from this list is Edmodo. With this app, you can simply post assignments, grades, and notifications, and also share useful resources, calendars and even quizzes and polls with your students.

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