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7 Simple but Effective EFL Activities with Post-it Notes

7 Simple but Effective EFL Activities with Post-it Notes | ITTT | TEFL Blog

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Post-it notes are a great tool to incorporate into your English lessons and make them more fun for your students. Here are 7 simple but effective EFL activities with post-it notes your students will love!

1. And The Answer Is…

This is a very creative activity to get your students' creative juices flowing. Prepare several post-it notes with answers to different questions. It is then the students' job to use their creativity and come up with a question it might answer.

2. Sentence Explosion

Find a famous quote and write each word of the quote on a post-it note. Hand out the notes and have the students rearrange in a logical order to reassemble to quote. Another activity you can do with the same post-its is to group the individual words into categories like parts of speech.

3. Content Review

This is a great activity to give your students for independent studying. Write several questions on post-it notes and their answers on separate notes. In a folder, stick the answer and then the question on top of one another. The students can now do a content review by reading the question and self-checking the answer underneath.

4. Prefixes and Suffixes

Write a base word on a post-it. Next, have your students add prefixes and suffixes to create new words; such as code - decode, etc. Reverse the process with your students breaking down longer words into their prefixes and suffixes. Finally, introduce a challenge by breaking down the different parts of the longest word in English: antidisestablishmentarianism.

5. Alphabetical Order

Write current vocabulary words on post-it notes and hand them out to your students. The students then put the words in alphabetical order. You can split the class into groups and create a game out of it where the teams put the words in alphabetical order at the same time and the team who finishes first gets a point.

6. Becoming Experts

Start a new challenge with your students to become experts on a new vocabulary term. Write several words on post-it notes and put them onto the board for the students to see. Each student now gets to choose a word/post-it and writes their name on it. They then research that word until they have gathered enough information to hold a short presentation in front of the class.

7. Student News

Create a “news nook” in your classroom by placing a large poster or laminated poster board in a designated corner of the classroom. Students can now write short post-it notes with news about their town, or their life, etc. and place it onto the news nook. At the end of the week, you can go over the collected post-its and start a new round on Monday.

Which is your favorite teaching activity?

As you can see, there are many ways to put some pep into your English lessons with post-it notes.

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