TEFL TESOL Courses; Easy To Study!


Completing an online TEFL course could not be a more user friendly experience thanks to our unique online study platform. Once you have signed up for a course you will receive a code via email that will give you exclusive access to your own personalized dashboard. Through the dashboard you will be able to navigate your way through every step of the course with ease as all the materials and assessment strategies will be at your fingertips whenever you need them. Crucially, you can access the dashboard from any location with an internet connection and via any device you like, such as a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Not only will you find all the written materials necessary to complete the course on hand via the dashboard, you can also choose to download them and print them out for offline study. At the end of each unit of study, you can then access the required assessment directly through the dashboard. Each unit assessment consists of a multiple choice test that is very straightforward to use and provides instant feedback on your results. We constantly review and update our online course dashboard to ensure it remains one of the most user friendly methods of completing an online TEFL certification course.

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