TEFL TESOL Course:How Much Time do you have?


One of the major attractions of our online TEFL certification courses is the flexibility they provide. As each course has no set study times or specific targets, you are free to set your own study timetable to fit into your own unique set of circumstances. If you have existing work, study, or family commitments there is no problem as you can study as much or as little as you like, whenever you have a free slot in your schedule. There are no set times when you have to be online or any scheduled online classes that you need to attend, simply log in to your personal online dashboard any time you like and spend whatever free time you have available on the course.

To ensure that the information covered in the early parts of the course is still fresh in your mind once you have worked through all the materials, there is a six month maximum time limit from the day you get started. Within this generous time frame you are under no pressure whatsoever, it is entirely up to you how quickly or slowly you study. Many trainees who have few other commitments are able to finish their course and get TEFL certified within a few short weeks, while others take full advantage of the time limit to minimise the potential for study stress. Whichever route you choose, you will still end up with the same internationally accredited TEFL qualification at the end of the course.

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