Short TEFL TESOL Courses


If you are currently living in America or Canada and would like to get started with your new English language teaching career, you can take a short-form combined course that features convenient online study followed by five days attendance at one of our training centers. The main benefit of this option is you get face to face instruction from a professional teacher trainer to back up all the theoretical knowledge you have already covered during the online section of the course.

This convenient TEFL course option is currently available in 16 great locations across 13 different states, as well as in Toronto, Canada. You might want to visit one of the country's major cities such as Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, Orlando, San Diego, or San Francisco, while smaller locations including Ann Arbor, Columbus, and Madison are equally popular. Each location has its own attractions, but they all share the same high level of teacher training in a professional environment. If you just cannot wait to get your teaching career under way, but you also want the benefit of some in-person training, the 5-day combined course could be just what you are looking for.

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