How to Pronounce 'YOUTHQUAKE'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word youthquake. This word describes a change in cultural standards brought about tastes and values by the young population. The word is a combination of youth and earthquake indicating the power of the young.

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This unit discussed modal verbs, the passive voice, and phrasal verbs. The best practices by teachers to introduce these topics to their students is addressed. Each of the usages for each of the aforementioned parts of speech were explored during this unit. When discussing the passive voice this unit described the change to the sentence structure when using the passive voice.This unit was great. Extremely informative. I feel like I learnt a lot about a bunch of important things that are useful to know or at least be aware of. There was some very helpful information that I will be able to use and it has also helped create a platform of understanding and a slight expectation or guide as to what possibilities are possible once I complete the course.

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