How to Pronounce 'VARIETY' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word variety. This word is used as a noun and describes a state of being different or diverse. The words diversity and variation can be used as synonyms for variety. The word comes from the Latin word varietas.

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Understanding the forms and usage of all four present tenses is important to master before a teacher can impart the the knowledge to students in a meaningful/helpful way. Particularly, the continuous forms and the non-use of state verbs can be confusing. Developing Activate Stage activities may become a challenge, cut certainly some good ideas were presented in the chapter.This unit was good. It was simple from what I can see but simple doesn't always mean easy. This took some time to think for I haven't had to think so much about conditional and reported speech. This is something that hasn't really been mention in schools so much beside how to write it and usually the teachers explain these methods in their own ways for students to understand.

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