How to Pronounce 'SPRIGHTLY'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word sprightly. This word is used to describe a person, usually a little bit older, who is full of energy.

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In this unit, I learnt about the different past tenses - past simple, past perfect, past continuous and past perfect continuous. I learnt the different forms, usages, typical errors and some Activate teaching ideas to help teach the different verb tenses to students. I also learnt that some verbs have irregular past tense and that there is no rule but to simply memorise them.This unit made it very clear that there are multiple ways to test students, not only to gauge knowledge prior to commencing a course but also during a course to assess progress, knowledge and problem areas in the field of learning the English language. It is a wonderful tool and background information before embarking on this teaching journey. The course material was clear.

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