How to Pronounce 'HIDEBOUND'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word hidebound. This word refers to an unwillingness to change because of a tradition. Some synonyms for hidebound include conservative, conventional and reactionary.

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This was an interesting unit, in particular the phonetic script. Speaking English as a first language, it was interesting to read how to teach such things, that come naturally to me. It was also fascinating being able to get an in-depth look into how articulation of the language comes about. This could be a difficult, however rewarding lesson to teach to new English learners.Unit 9 gives a great overview how to plan a lesson. It made it clear that a lesson plan is made to guide you, but not to be strictly followed. Every single part of the lesson plan is explained, which makes it clear what we have to do for our own lesson plans. It also provides a schedule how to monitor your own classes and how to improve them. It was a very useful unit for me.

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