How to Pronounce 'FIREBRAND'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word firebrand. This word has two different meanings. The first meaning is quite literal and describes burning wood. The second meaning is rather figurative as it refers to a person who is usually inflicting change as a result of being passionate about a certain topic or cause.

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I learnt about the three topics involved in teaching a new language (vocabulary, grammar and language functions). With each topic I also learnt what students need to know (e.g. vocabulary - meaning, use, pronunciation etc.). This chapter also covered a selection of teaching techniques and a variety of typical sample ESA lessons covering different topics and language levels.Phrasal verbs are the most difficult grammar for me as there are a lot of different combinations with the same verbs. It will be best for teachers to teach them as vocabularies. For passive voice, students usually make mistakes on the tenses. We can use \"different degrees\" of an obligation/politeness to explain different model verbs to students. That should not be too hard.

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