OTP Demonstration Lesson - Iban - Like / As


In this video Iban teaches a lesson on 'like' and 'as'. He warms the students up before moving onto the lesson point where he outlines the different uses of 'like' and 'as'. He ends the lesson with activities to get the students the language they have learned.

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I love the fact that it gives many resources that I can look up and in looking up the information. Aa I look up the sites I am bookmarking them so that I can print and make copies ahead of time for the classes that I will be teaching in P.N.G. because it is very expensive to get data in that country. It also gives me a good head start and confidence to build from or supplement.Great lesson on establishing a healthy learning atmosphere and various methods of regaining class composure once it's been lost. Great section about eye contact and creating healthy rapport with the students to ensure that they are learning in the most efficient way possible. Also, very informative section regarding class structure and how to best position students for success.

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