Who vs Whom - English Grammar - Teaching Tips


"Who" and "whom" are another set of words that often causes confusion. Howeer, there is actuall a simple trick to deciding which one to use in a sentence. "Who" is used to refer to the subject of a sentence and 'whom' is used to refer to the object. Keeping this in mind will eliminate the chance of making mistakes. We recommend the following trick. The usage of these two words is the same as he and him. "He" is the subject and "him" is the object. If you are confused about which one you should use, look at the sentences and check whether "he" or "him" should be used. If it's "he", then you should use "who". If it's "him", then "whom" should be used.

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From this unit, i have reviewed the grammar of tense, from which i have known the English term of each tense. After reviewing this grammar, i will teach students better. and in the following chapters i believe i can learn a lot of ways of teaching them. Actually, we Chinese teach English very well in knowledge presenting but not in a creative way, which is what i want to learn.What I have learned is that I cannot take for granted my knowledge of the English language when teaching. I will have to make sure that students are able to grasp the different nuances and tenses within the language. I use English on a daily basis, so the different tenses come instinctively to me, not just from education, but hearing and using the language on a regular basis.

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