Pink Slip - English Idioms


The idiom "pink slip" refers to a notice of dismissal from employment. The term originates from the United Booking Office established in 1906 where a cancellation notice was typed on a pink slip. Our example sentence is: Because he had worked so hard on his recent project, he was devastated to receive the pink slip from his boss.

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This unit began with different types of materials for the classroom. It explained the difference between authentic and non-authentic classroom materials. The unit discussed how to design non-authentic materials for lessons. The unit also covered creating lesson plans. Lastly, the unit talked about book materials and finding materials online and concerns with these resources.Getting to know your class is one of the most important things to do before you start any course. This allows you to know the pace and the needs of the students and what would work best for the learning process. During the first lesson, always try to create rapport and from then on continue getting to know the individuals in the group as to keep an even teaching environment.

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