In Time vs On Time - English Grammar - Teaching Tips


In this video Linda breaks down the difference between "in time" and "on time". Due to the fact that both expressions revolve around time, they can be quite difficult to distinguish. However, this video provides helpful examples and explanations that will help EFL teachers and students alike to grasp the difference.

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This unit was actually fun because it was different, therefore interesting. I like the idea of mixing the lesson up, especially to keep the lesson interesting and fun whilst keeping the students motivated and interested. All while, accommodating for students who happen to learn differently. I know I personally learn quickly if I am interested and enjoying what I am learning.This unit opens the eyes to a novice teacher the use of all tools that are available that can make each lesson interesting for their students. Using the video recorders on a students phone is a great help for self correction and advice from teachers on various levels of learning. This unit could have been combined with a similar unit instead of being a stand alone chapter.

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