Conditionals and Reported Speech - Backshifting Places


There are certain words that need backshifting when using reported speech. In this video we look at backshifting places in reported speech. This video is specifically aimed at teaching reported speech in an ESL setting.

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Learing all of parts of speech,I can figure out the different effects they made in sentnces.I confused with the transitive verb and intransitive verb before, but now I am clear about them. It is really inportant for me to learn the part of speech,because it is necessary to help students know the grammar. So as a teacher I should know how to teach students with the grammer.Through learng this course unit 11, i have acquired alot of knowledge on receptive skills. Ie reading and listening I have learnt some of the resons for reading and listening some of which lnclude; for purpose and entertainment. I have alsoearnt aome of the specialist skills employed by readers and listerners among these include; Predictive skills, general idea and others.

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