The Past Tenses - Overview - Past Simple and Past Continuous


In this video, we provide you with a useful overview of the various past tenses. We focus here especially on the differences between the past simple and past continuous.

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Great unit for introduction to the intricacies of teaching English as a foreign language. As someone that has no prior experience, I already feel much, much more comfortable being at the front of a classroom, knowing how to effectively address teaching issues as they arise. I feel like I have a greater sense of overall awareness over how students might engage in the future.Unit 1 is a good overview for the basics of the relationship between a teacher and the learner. I think a lot of it is common sense, but can be taken for granted if not thought about. I am looking forward to the future units, but my one concern is that it is a more of European way of spelling so certain rules I am familiar with might be a little different than I am used to.

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