The Future Tenses - Other Future Forms - Present Continuous - Teaching Idea


This teaching idea is very similar to the activity we can use for the future continuous. We pair up our students, give them diaries and have them find the day on which both of them are free to meet. This video shows you exactly how to execute this activity in the classroom.

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Being an English Teacher is a great opportunity to see the world, to know new things about different countries and nationalities. It is very interesting to have a great variety of students from all over the world. It is also rather important to understand and to bear in mind some specific details to be in contact with your students and to adapt yourself to their atmosphere.I've been in the field of teaching for many years, and in reading and understanding the unit about teacher and learners I am renewed. I am now refreshed with all roles and qualities of a teacher and the stages of learners. the difference between an adult learner and a young learner. I really learned a lot. And I look forward to the next lessons/units. I enjoyed reading it.

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