Overview of All English Tenses - Present Tenses - Present Perfect Continuous - Comparing Cards


Here's an idea for teaching the present perfect continuous tense. However in this activity what the students will be doing, is comparing and contrasting this tense with the present perfect tense. This is something that a teacher will want to do after they've explored both tenses and because both tenses are quite confusing, we'll ask the students to compare and contrast the two, making sure that they can tell the difference. In this activity, the teacher will have cut out each individual card. The teacher will distribute the cards to the students and after a minute has gone by, the teacher will then ask the students to fold their cards over and get into a pair. One student in the pair will then present a certain result and ask the student to form the question. Here, with the prompts 'Why be angry'; The student will of course ask 'Why are you angry?' The other student will then flip over the rest of the card and read 'wait for you since 6 o'clock' and hopefully come up with a statement 'Because I've been waiting for you since 6 o'clock.' However, with this card we won't be using the same tense again. We'll be asking 'Why are you hungry?' and the student will have to answer 'Because I haven't eaten all day.' Hopefully by the end of the activity, the teacher will be able to recognize that the students are correctly deciding which tense the activity needs to be put into.

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In this sector, i have learned the seven parts about Future Tenses , and i realized that two of the future tenses are mostly used ,Be going + infinitive.learning future tenses is not very easy i as thought.The present continuous are mostly used .Here we must be very careful while learning future tenses. And also it is very important to know how grammatical tenses are been use.This unit was about how to approach teaching a new language. Part of it viewed vocab and grammar and ways to select teaching material that students would have the easiest time learning. It gave examples of each stage of the Boomerang and Patchwork ESA structures which was originally covered several units ago. The material selected needs to address all factors that were listed.

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