Teach TEFL in the Andes (Merida, Venezuela)

Date posted:2008-07-29 | Writer: VENUSA College | Email: [email protected]

VENUSA College has ongoing opportunities for new graduates with TESOL/TEFL experience, or anyone who is currently majoring / minoring in an English degree. The teaching positions are excellent for those who wish to broaden their horizons, enhance their cultural appreciation, sharpen their Spanish speaking abilities by living, teaching and studying in a Spanish speaking environment, as well as strengthen professional resumes.  Benefits include a reasonable teaching workload, not exceeding 6 hours a day, an attractive stipend of around 8,500 Venezuelan Bolivar (VEB) per hour, with accommodation and meals provided.  At VENUSA College, students learn English in two different intensive programs, Maximo and Optimo - each focusing on different needs. Maximo consists of 6 levels, concentrating on preparing the student for conversational English. Optimo consists of 8 levels of English, its aim is to prepare the student to enter undergraduate U.S. studies. This option's emphasis is on grammar, oral speech and writing. Program Highlights:* Travel Coordination & pre-departure support* Teach 2-6 hours daily* Airport transfer upon arrival in Merida * On-site General Orientation (During Semester or summer terms) * On-site training & full support staff* Social & Cultural Activities (dance classes, movie nights, language labs, debates, outings, cooking & music nights, bailes tipicos) * Culture Adjustment Sessions* Homestay with a local family* Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner daily at homestay* Wireless Internet Access for personal Laptops * Laptop lockers * Computer lab* On-site recreational area, cafe & library * Spanish Courses (Audit / All levels)   Mission Statement:

VENUSA was founded in 1987 by individuals who felt that a greater contact and understanding was necessary between North and South America. At its inception, VENUSA was established as a private institute dedicated to international studies and modern languages, and over the years has grown to satisfy a wide variety of interests. VENUSA is located in the beautiful city of Mérida, nestled in the heart of the Venezuelan Andes. Though its student body has grown dramatically over the years, VENUSA's goal remains what it has always been: the promotion of greater international understanding through education, and the development of interpersonal relationships between its students, both Venezuelan and North American.

 For more information, or to apply please contact the E-mail address on the job heading page

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


This unit decribed the diagnosis of problems with the students and/or classroom's learning abilities. Obviously, it is easier to mitigate problems before they arrise through proper lesson planning. Lesson plans should fit the size and characteristics of the class. Problems with student learning and behaviour should be addressed properly and in the least aggressive manner possible to maintain rapport and respect.This unit is about different teaching methods and theories. One of the things I learned from this unit was what an ESA lesson is, the different activities that can be used to help the students learn. Another thing I learned from this unit was that correcting too much can be overwhelming for the students. I learned that it is very important to let the students make constructive mistakes that will help them learn.