TEFL in Taunton, England

Date posted:2006-01-26 | Writer: Manor Courses Ltd | Email: [email protected]

Course Centre: Taunton School, Somerset, U.K.

Contract Dates:
4 week contracts: Wed 12 July - Wed 9 Aug
6 week contracts: Wed 12 July - Thur 24 Aug
2 day Induction Course: Mon 10 - Tue 11 July
(Arrive Sun 9 July)

 ·  Salary: £200.00 per week (Wed to Wed), starting from Wed 12 July(Less N.I. and Tax if applicable).
 ·  Accommodation for duration of contract.
 ·  Full board (3 meals a day, 2 refreshment breaks plus free tea and coffee throughout).
 ·  £5 lunch money, in addition to packed lunch, when on Full-Day Excursion Duty.
 ·  £ 50 contribution to travel expenses to Taunton (Less Tax).
 ·  1 day off per week (7:00pm - 7:00pm), which day TBC.
 ·  Obligatory 2 day Induction Course from Mon 10 July - Tue 11 (prior to the students arrival).

 ·  To introduce the English language to young foreign students
 ·  To provide a carefully planned sports programme for the students to join voluntarily
 ·  To provide a carefully planned recreational and cultural activities programme both on campus (e.g. discos) and off campus (e.g. excursions).

We are looking for teachers who:
 ·  Are native speakers.
 ·  Are enthusiastic and willing to work with young students.
 ·  Have relevant EFL training / degrees / certificates.
 ·  Have classroom experience at any level.
 ·  Are prepared to accept other duties as well as teaching (i.e. excursions, residential supervision).


The daily responsibilities include:
 ·  Lessons - Teach 4 lessons of 45 minutes, five mornings a week.
 ·  Homework - Take 5 homework sessions per week from 6.00 to 6.45pm.
 ·  Materials - Plan and organise materials for the above teaching duties from a range of resources (we do not have set textbooks).
 ·  2hr Duty Rotas - Supervisory duties (inc. residences, activities/common rooms, swimming pool etc.) and some activities, on an afternoon/evening 2hour duty-rota basis (i.e. 2-4, 4-6, or 8-10pm).

The weekly responsibilities include:
 ·  Testing - Oral testing and marking multiple choice placement tests.
 ·  Certificates - Write final certificates.
 ·  Social Activities Programme - Participation in social activities programme (e.g. Talent Show, disco etc.), welcome assemblies and farewell presentations.
?Excursions - Attendance on full day and afternoon excursions (one per week, respectively).
 ·  Arrivals - Welcome groups of students on arrival days.
 ·  Residential - Bedtime and wake-up duty on a twice-weekly overnight duty-rota basis.

Enquiries to:
Manor Courses Ltd, 67 Warren Way,
Brighton, E.Sussex, BN2 6PH, U.K.
Tel: 01273 300938
E-mail: [email protected]

Please see the website to get a better idea of the school: Contact us

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


I found the information about external examinations in this unit very interesting. I had never looked in to what exams you could take in English that were internationally recognized. It is interesting how some are focused specifically on business language and it makes me wonder if people who study for that particular test have a different time when communicating with people who are not in the business/corporate community.It is extremely useful to understand a variety of obstacles that we as teachers may encounter throughout our work. Specifically, I think it is very important to gauge what lesson plan options function differently and/or better depending on the size and type of class you are teaching. Warm-up games and icebreakers seem to be a very important jumping-off point for establishing a comfortable environment within the classroom.