Regular Opportunities to Teach TEFL in UK

Date posted:2009-08-27 | Writer: Language Trainers | Email: [email protected]

We are a successful language training company working with freelance trainers all over the world to provide private tuition for numerous languages, mainly in the US and the UK. We have students (private and corporate) who need to learn languages, anytime and anywhere. Thus we organize teachers for them at their offices or their

homes. One of our clients in Glasgow, G44 4BE, would like to have a General English tuition. The clients (3 adult,intermediate) wish to have classes on Tuesdays at 5 pm Lessons should start as soon as possible. Location of the classes and schedule could be re arranged. The salary is negotiable depending on qualifications and experience. We are also happy to discuss travel costs. In order to be eligible for this position, you should be a native speaker of the language and/or have a language degree and at least two years experience in
teaching. You will also be required a visa/working permit if you are not a citizen of the country where we are currently searching. Candidates who do not match these criteria will not be considered in the recruitment process. The company offers freelance-part time positions, and can not sponsor your visa. If you think you are the right teacher for this position please send your resume and
references to the e-mail address given on the job heading.
We require very little administration or paperwork from you.
If you are not available for this position but would like to be considered for further opportunities, or would like to teach a different language in a different location, please contact us. We will keep
your contact details confidential and contact you as soon as we have a position to offer in you location.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


This unit went over the different types of classes and collectives of students you could be teaching and some strategies to handle them. For example, when teaching a business English class you would want to do a needs analysis to see what they need to learn in English to facilitate their job. Or with young children you would want to keep the lessons very bright and varied to keep their short attention spans.This unit is very informative regarding the best ways to utilize the teaching tools available in a classroom and how to best use them. It gave me a clear picture with regards to planning classes and how to engage the students most effectively. I learned that there are many different tools available and how to choose the correct one/s depending on my audience and what I'm trying to teach in a specific lesson.