Immediate TEFL Positions All over Turkey

Date posted:2016-01-18 | Writer: Prudential First Education | Email: [email protected]

Are you looking for a teaching position in Turkey? Do you have a bachelor’s degree and a TESOL certificate? You can live and work in Turkey as an EFL teacher and experience the thousand year old culture and tradition of Turkey. No matter what your availability date is, chances are that we’ll find a suitable teaching position. Get in touch with our team today to find out if your credentials qualify you to get a job at Turkish schools.

Prudential First Education is now recruiting for a few immediate positions replacing teachers, summer camps and also for the coming school year 2016-2017.

Teachers must have a minimum of bachelor's degree.

Teachers must have a teaching certificate such as TESOL / TEFL / CELTA / DELTA

If the degree is in English teaching, English literature, English composition, English linguistics then teaching certificate is not required.

We require teachers born and raised in any of the below mentioned countries:

USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa.

We also require 3-5 teachers having experience in teaching TOEFLiBT and SAT.

We have various salaries and benefits packages depending on credentials and experience.

We do not take any fees now or in the future. We are remunerated by the schools for our services.

We have contracts with private KG-12 schools, Language schools and Universities/colleges.

Education institutions we work with provide:

All provide Health insurance,

All provide residence/work permits,

Some provide airfare reimbursement,

Some provide accommodation or a compensation amount. 


Contact us with your resume via email at the address given on the job heading. Please make sure your current email address, and a contact number with area and country code is mentioned on your resume, together with your availability date, your preference of grade,  (Kindergarten, primary, Middle school, High school, College/University, Language schools, ToefliBT, SAT)

Prudential First Education, A.Ş. 
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Bora Sokak No. 1
7th Floor,Göztepe Merdivenköy Mahallesi,

Kadiköy - 34732 


Tel: +90 216 468 88 23-26


Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


I found the International Phonetic Alphabet very difficult and it will take me a lot of practice to learn. I think to teach this confidently I will need a lot of teaching experience. I found learning about connected speech very interesting because I can relate to how people speak and sound. It has made me realise its not due to laziness or being 'Australian' but a recognised form of speech.The tenses are becoming easier to understand and I am more relax. There were so many different this and rules to remember. I could never keep it straight. This encourage me to look up stuff that I did not understand. For example, when to use are and is. With a little back research I found out when to use these aux. verbs. Everything did not click but I am hoping I can fully understand it.