Position Teaching English in Ecuador

Date posted:2008-08-19 | Writer: Canadian House Center | Email: [email protected]

Canadian House Center is an Independent Language School in Loja, Ecuador. We have around 300 students, of all ages between 4 and adult. Class sizes are of up to 20 students and subjects to be taught include grammar, oral and listening English as well as partaking in all aspects and activities at the school, including summer camps, culture days and events, supervision in end of year exams and administrative and organisational duties. All text and grammar books are provided. It is an easy to follow system. In some cases you may find yourselves teaching at additional private institutes.

Wage: $400 monthly. Average national wage is $100-$150.
Air ticket: Not included but help could be given in special circumstances to purchase initially but this would need to be repaid back to the school during the first term.
Accommodation: Option to stay at the school $100 monthly. Can be arranged with local families.
Hours per week: Contracted to 35 per week which includes lesson planning time
Work days: Five days per week.
Overtime: Opportunity for additional work through private tuition.
Holidays (days and dates): Negotiable
Health Insurance: Not provided 
Colleagues: English, American and Canadian. No native teachers
Induction course: You will sit in other teachers´ classes for a week. There is a buddy system to help out new teachers.
Social events: Integration events with students and other teachers
Age of applicants: 22 to 60.
Education background: TEFL Certificate. Degree preferable but not necessary.
Language: Basic Spanish – not necessary but useful.

To apply please send an e-mail to the address given on the job heading page. 

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


The two video examples were extremely different from each other. I found the first one very hard to watch because the teacher was rude and wasn't explaining things to the students. The students seemed very uncomfortable and clearly were afraid to speak up and unsure of what he was trying to teach them. In the second video, he was a lot more patient and positive, which made the students interested in the lesson.The unit is very rich with lesson plan strategy which is one of the major problems with tutors who are inexperienced in the teaching domain,it has provided a very accurate and modern form of lesson plan which i believe will help the teacher to step with the lesson plan issue.It has equally throw back on the topic of lesson presentation ,Engage,study and Active thereby bringing more understanding to the subject.