Opportunity For TEFL Certified Teacher in Ecuador

Date posted:2014-05-22 | Writer: New York English | Email: [email protected]

We are a new ESL academy in the heart of Loja, nestling in the southern mountains of Ecuador, catering to children from 6 years of age through to adults. This is a great place for either a seasoned teacher or a teacher starting out with a TEFL qualification. The current owner was over 6 years running another academy in Loja but for quality reasons withdrew to set up her own.

The job is to teach general English courses at our new building in Loja. teaching either children or adults.

Salary is $4 an hour and is paid every 2 weeks in cash. Most teachers are on around 5 hours+ a day.

Visa: We suggest you come on a 6 month consulate visa 12-IX

Age: 23-45 years old. Female preferred.


Following course books teaching grammar, listening, speaking, writing, use of English

About Loja:

160,000 inhabitants. Loja is the city of music and culture and one of the friendliest cities I know. 30 mins away is Vilcabamba and Malacatos. Vilcabamba is a haven for retirees and foreigners in general. It is called the Village of Long Life, some of its inhabitants are over 100 years old and its known for its healing springs. There are lots of museums etc, bars, restaurants. It’s not a noisy city though.  


Around 25-30 degrees C. However, being in the mountains it seems hotter. It can be cool in the mornings/evenings so a jacket, a couple of sweaters are advisable.

How to get here:

You can enter perfectly well on a one way ticket into Ecuador, should you wish. The Ecuadorians are pretty lax and never really ask questions.

How to get to Ecuador and Loja: From Quito/Guayaquil/Cuenca. As the new airport in Quito has recently moved its become expensive to trek into Quito city to catch a bus therefore it is recommended if possible to fly into Guayaquil or indeed Cuenca. From Cuenca you can either catch a bus or flight to Catamayo. From Guayaquil it is a bus ride to Loja.

We can help with accommodation - private room, private bathroom, water, electricity and internet in a new building $100 per month which can be deducted from wages

Next steps:

For further information, send a resume with photo to the email address given on the job heading. 

Tel: 0959134618

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


The information in the unit on Present Tenses was presented clearly and concisely. The English language is very complex from the perspective of verb tenses. As noted by the author, in some Asian languages there is only one tense! The differences between Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous were clearly defined in the \"Form\" sections for each tense.This lesson dives into teaching the three main aspects of a language: vocabulary, grammar, and structure. It shows how these three aspects work together to form a language but can be broken apart for the purpose of lessons. This unit also provides a framework for deciding if, how, and when these lessons should be taught and if it is appropriate for your particular class due to language ability.