Immediate Start For EFL Teachers in Czech Republic

Date posted:2012-10-31 | Writer: Swallow School of English | Email: [email protected]

We are looking to recruit new EFL teachers to join our existing team of 12 native speaker and 3 Czech English teachers. We teach the general public, both adults and children in general English and exam prep classes, company classes, group and individual, and teaching in primary schools. Teachers with a wide range of skills, able to teach a wide range of students are preferred. We have a well stocked resource centre, and continually develop new materials. Our native speaker teachers have been with us an average of 5 years, testimony to both the quality of teachers we employ and the respect with which we treat our teachers.

A standard teaching week consists of approximately 26 teaching hours (45min), though usually taught in 60 or 90 min blocks. Timetables differ, but typically 50% of classes would be taught on site and the remainder in nearby companies. Candidates should have excellent communication skills and a passion for teaching effectively as well as an openness to try new classroom activities. We conduct observations and teacher development sessions, and our staff cooperate to spread best practice.

Liberec is a small city with a population of 100 000, and lies 100km north of Prague. It lies in a valley between two mountain ranges, and the city is a winter sports destination. Liberec has a university and thus a large student population. Our school is located near the historical centre of the city, in relatively newly refurbished, purposely designed premises.

The school was founded in 1995 and is owned and run by teachers for teachers and students. We give new teachers help in finding suitable accommodation and with negotiating Czech officials

Candidates should hold a TESOL / TEFL / CELTA or equivalent, or a PGCE and have at least one year’s experience. Furthermore they should have excellent communication skills and adequate organization skills. We prefer candidates with life experience which gives them more empathy for their students, as are those with technical knowledge. A driving licence, manual gearbox, can also be an advantage.

Teachers can either work as employees, or under their own business licence. Working under their own business licence, as the majority do (the school assists teachers in obtaining this) they invoice approximately 200,-Kc per 45 mins. As employees, teaching 26 x 45 mins a week, approximately 104 hours per month, their supergross (the total cost to the school, including employee health and social insurance contributions) would be 104 x 200 = 20 500,-Kc, or a gross salary of 14 000,-Kc. This affords teachers a comfortable standard of living. Some of our native speakers have now settled in Czech and pay mortgages etc out of their salary. Monthly rent can vary from 3 500,-Kc for shared accommodation (which is currently available with one of our existing teachers) to 6 500,-Kc for a single occupancy flat.

This summer a bonus of 5% was paid to all our teachers, and it is our policy to continue to give a bonus at the end of the academic year if our financial results make this possible.

To apply, e-mail your resume and cover letter to Mr.Richard Hunter, Director, at the e-mail address given  on the job heading.

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Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


I learned more about the advantages and disadvantages of coursebooks in the classroom. Insuppose it is fine and well to take a dogme approach every once in a while, but it is definitely important to have a cirriculum of some sort and some contuinity. My mind can't hold a student's lifetime of English progression in context and succession like that of a professionally designed syllabus and materials.Pronunciation is taken for granted by native English speakers like me. THis Unit 13 showed me how intricate and difficult it can be to teach pronunciation to foreign students. The section covering Phonemic Symbols was very instructive and I will frequently review this section. I enjoyed learning how to teach pronunciation and phonology and will, as the Unit suggests, input this into class lessons.

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