TEFL Vacancies in China Teaching Young Learners

Date posted:2016-08-04 | Writer: Kid ESL Agency | Email: [email protected]

Kid ESL Agency is an agency based in Hangzhou and Shanghai providing a private English teaching job platform for professionals, foreign university students, and freelancers. We introduce qualified teachers to young learners (3-12 years old) and offer rewarding opportunities to foreigners in China. We are currently looking for a capable, enthusiastic EFL teacher to join our team. We want a teacher with new, effective ideas and the energy to put them into practice; we want a teacher who is committed to their own improvement and the improvement of the students.

The school has a reputation for excellence, with several of our teachers winning municipal and provincial prizes for services to education, and our students regularly outperforming the competition in public English competitions. The school holds the 4A-stars from the local education bureau.

We have all the necessary licenses for hiring foreign people, and we have a good record of cooperating with foreign teachers for more than 8 years. We currently have 8 full-time foreign teachers and two part-time foreign teachers. The school is owned and managed by a British-Canadian PhD from Oxford University.

Who are the students?

We teach students from age 3-15, with most students in the 7-11 age range. Most of our classes have a maximum of 16 students, although there are several classes capped at 8 students. All classes are taught alongside a Chinese English teacher.

Most classes are on Wednesday-Friday evenings and Saturday and Sunday during the day.

Is there a curriculum? Is there training and feedback?

The curriculum is set and textbooks and teaching material organized by the school’s academic department. Training is provided by an Oxford PhD. The school holds regular workshops so that teachers can share ideas and methods with each other and delivers regular feedback on teachers’ classes.


Beside the Chinese traditional holidays, we usually have a week off when the term ends. We have 3 terms a year, and usually take 2 or 3 weeks off over the spring festival.


We provide full-spectrum living support. A dedicated foreign liaison officer helps you with daily problems. Our teachers have assembled a guide to living in Wenzhou. We provide free language training to our teachers.

We do everything we can to support you in your daily life so that you can concentrate on doing a brilliant job. 


The salary is paid monthly in arrears. the 5th of each month is payday.

8000 RMB a month with school-provided accommodation in the first year.

(8000+2000=10000 RMB a month without scool-provided accommodation. )

7000 flight allowance after the teacher completed a year contract. There is a 2000RMB bonus according to the head of the academic department. These figures are after tax has been deducted.

The school takes the timely and fair paying of salary very seriously. We have a dedicated, English-speaking financial officer who will provide you with a monthly salary report with written details of any overtime or bonuses you may receive. 

Summer term?

We have 3 terms a year, the spring term and autumn are normal, but the summer camp, which usually lasts from July 1 to August 25, involves some changes. The teacher can take 16 classes a week instead of 12 (if the teacher so chooses), so they can earn more.

If the teacher chooses 16 x 90-minute classes a week, with Sunday and one other day off (depending on how the schedule develops), accommodation provided, results in total pay for July 1 to August 25 is 23500 RMB after tax, paid in arrears, 11750 RMB on August 5 and 11750 RMB on August 25.      

Please send your CV to the email address given on the job page.

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


In this lesson, I've learnt the basic principle of designing a lesson plan, for instance, what should be included in the lesson plan, what shouldn't be included in it. Thinks like learner objectives, phases, timing, anticipated problems, activities for each stage, etc should be covered in a typical lesson plan. It also gives me several examples of what a professional lesson plan is about.Clearly defining the roles of a teacher as a facilitator, moderator, assessor, and so on, helped me reflect upon my current experiences teaching English in Japan. I am motivated to take on a variety of these roles, and be sure to balance them out accordingly to my students' needs. It was also beneficial to me to be reminded the values and personalities of good teachers and good students.