Opportunities in Brazil For EFL Teachers

Date posted:2017-02-16 | Writer: Schutz & Kanomata | Email: [email protected]

Schütz & Kanomata is an ESL school located in Santa Cruz do Sul, a mid-size town in the south of Brazil. We have a two-semester program for native level speakers of English who want to exchange kindergarten and EFL teaching for the opportunity of living in Brazil and learning its language and culture. We provide comfortable accommodations and payment above the cost of living. Our Brazilian Language & Culture program includes Portuguese instruction, occasional weekend tours, and a safe and pleasant environment.

The emphasis in our school is on communicative work, using learner-centered, motivational, participatory classroom activities.

Desired qualifications: kindergarten and ESL teaching experience, with a friendly and lively personality. This is an ideal opportunity for newly qualified TEFL graduates.

For more information, contact Ricardo Schutz - Program Director- at the email address given on the job heading.

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This was a great lesson. I always enjoy the grammar lessons because i get to learn in further detail about grammar that I have used my whole life, but i never really new the rules to. Especially, the reporting parts of this lesson. We often tell stories all the time about people and what they said, but we do not realize the language changes that we make in order to tell these stories.When teaching a new language, it is important to remember that when selecting new vocabulary words you choose your words carefully. You must make sure the words you select are appropriate for: age, skill level, and task relevant. A list for a traveler might include words like: hotel, tips, soda. A list for a business student may have be as follows: meeting, conference room, supply chain.