TEFL Vacancy in Argentina (2)

Date posted:2015-11-18 | Writer: English Language Advising Services | Email: [email protected]

English Language Advising Services, Buenos Aires, needs a professional adult EFL teacher for individual and small group classes with adult students which meet downtown in the afternoons Monday-Thursday, and in Puerto Madero Tuesday and Thursday evenings. All applicants should be available to teach these intermediate level classes until at least mid-2016 (though December 18th-January 4th are a non-working holiday period, and other reasonable vacation time during the year is expected and we are happy to accommodate you). It is also likely that the teacher be offered more classes, so applicants may wish to describe their current or projected availability (times and barrios) and barrio where they live in the body of the email (please no attachments) when sending a CV. This helps see who could be a fit for the other classes. Filling the Puerto Madero class on Tuesday/Thursday from 6:00-7:00 pm is a priority, so we are accepting applicants for this course even if they are exclusively applying for it.

We are a small, teacher-run start up company which is growing, mostly via word-of-mouth recommendations. We provide the highest-quality teaching to clients (usually medical or technical professionals) in a relaxed and conversational environment. Teachers should be able to tailor materials to students' interests and professional needs. Teachers need to be able to prepare and print materials, and evaluate and track students' progress. Our business philosophy is that teachers working in a peer-environment with a reasonable amount of respect will prioritize classes and provide better teaching to clients. Currently we are filling one-on-one and small group classes with adult students for December, summer, and the 2016 academic year. Only professional teachers with the ability to work independently and make use of high quality teaching materials (provided) will be able to take over these classes. We pay $95 pesos an hour to start. If you have any room in your schedule to fill, please respond to this posting.

Candidates must be TEFL/TESOL certified or have ample experience. Only applicants who are planning to stay in Buenos Aires to complete the whole term or longer will be considered. Due to the overwhelming response to these job postings, we ask that all responses contain the following information, in addition to a CV:

1) Name, nationality and region where you are from

2) Barrio where you live

3) Whether you are applying for the downtown afternoon classes, the Puerto Madero classes, or both.

4) [if interested in additional classes] Provide your schedule in a simple way in the body of the email so we can see when you are available to work, and WHERE you are at those times, as travel time is a factor. In the case that something could be moved for the right offer, indicate this please. Listing where you are already working helps me see possibility in your schedule, so please do include that information.


Via email at the address given on the job heading. You may also reach us at (54)(11) 6124 5166

Thank you very much for your time and good luck in your job search.

Charlotte Jenkins - Course Director ELAS


Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


This section has given me a good understanding of how to structure a lesson and how different elements can benefit a student. The variety of games is useful as a guide to the kind of activities I should produce for the class to work with. Learning about other, now less popular, teaching techniques also helps to highlight their pitfalls and how to try and avoid this happening while teaching.After studying this unit it's easy to see why phrasal verbs can be difficult for EFL students to learn. Often, they can't understand the meaning of each expression from the words themselves. Also, many phrasal verbs have multiple meanings. This unit looks closely at the importance of modal verbs in English communication and also covers phrasal verbs, the passive voice, and relative clauses.