Living and Teaching English in Poland - Habits, Customs & Curiosities

Located in the heart of Central Europe, Poland’s popularity among foreign teachers continues to grow every year.

Modern, vibrant cities such as Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw and Gdansk are home to a significant number of teaching opportunities in a wide variety of settings.

The country’s low cost of living and central location within Europe make it a great base for exploring surrounding countries during your spare time.

If Poland sounds like it could be a good option for you, take a look at the following guides for further information.

You will find some useful travel tips, some fun facts and an insight into the country’s cuisine.

Travel Tips for Poland

Since joining the European Union in 2004, Poland has become an increasingly popular destination for international tourists and EFL teachers.
You will find there are many fascinating cities to explore such as Krakow, Warsaw and Wroclaw.
During the summer months you might want to spend your free time in the great outdoors as Poland has some of the most pristine national parks to be found anywhere in Europe, while the winter months offer excellent skiing and snowboarding in the Tatra Mountains.
The demand for foreign teachers is strong in most areas of the country and the cost of living is quite low in comparison to many countries in Western Europe.
There are also dozens of ancient castles, medieval towns and relaxing spa resorts throughout the country.

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The Taste of Poland

Polish food may not be as well-known around the world as some other European cuisines, but you will find a surprisingly diverse array of dishes to enjoy throughout the country.
Those with a sweet tooth also have a few treats in store, particularly in Poznan which is the home of the delicious St. Martin’s croissant.
In the north you can enjoy a range of seafood dishes thanks to Poland’s Baltic coastline, while dishes from the east are often hearty affairs that are ideal on a cold winter’s day.
For a real traditional taste of Poland a simple meal of tasty local sausage washed down with a glass or two of the country’s famous vodka is very hard to beat.

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Facts About Poland

If Poland is on your list of possible destinations for teaching English abroad, you might find these facts about the country rather interesting.
Music lovers are also in for a treat as Poland hosts the annual Pryzstanek Woodstock Festival which offers free entry and is known as the biggest open-air festival in the world.
If you are a food lover you may be surprised to learn that the city of Wroclaw is home to the oldest restaurant in Europe which has been serving up meals for over 700 years.
Among the many inventions and discoveries attributed to Poles over the years, the mine detector and bulletproof vest have done much for safety and security, while vodka and bagels are possibly considered more important by many around the world.

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Malbork Castle

However long you plan to stay in Poland, you should ensure you find time to visit the impressive Malbork Castle in the far north of the country.
As the castle is a very popular attraction it is open throughout the year, although it is best to avoid mid-summer if possible due to the large crowds.
Also nearby is the Slowinski National Park which offers miles of walking trails and beautiful beaches.
Construction of the castle began way back in the 13th century and it remains the largest brick building in Europe and the largest castle by area in the whole world.
A visit to the castle can be combined with a stay in the nearby city of Gdansk which has many historical buildings, museums and other attractions to explore.

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