Living and Teaching English in Latvia - Habits, Customs & Curiosities

Located in the Baltic region of Northern Europe, Latvia is one of the smallest and least populated countries in Europe.

Despite this, it is still popular with foreign visitors due to its vast expanse of unspoiled countryside, lively modern cities and interesting history and culture.

If you are interested in exploring a safe and modern country with friendly local people that is not on the usual beaten track, read on for more information about Latvia.

You will find a range of travel tips and guides to the language, culture and cuisine of the country, plus a few facts and figures.

Travel Tips for Latvia

As one of the smaller countries in Europe, Latvia is often overlooked by foreign teachers.
As a member of the EU, anyone with an EU passport can live and work in the country without a visa.
Although the Latvian language might seem intimidating at first, try learning a few of these simple words and phrases before you arrive as it will help you to settle in more quickly.
However, despite its small size and population, Latvia is certainly worth considering as it has developed rapidly in recent years.
Riga, the capital and largest city in the Baltic states, is the most popular destination due to its culture, entertainment options and number of available jobs.

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Fun Facts About Latvia

Due to its relatively short history as an independent country, Latvia’s international profile is quite low in comparison with some of its near neighbors.
Although Latvia only declared its independence around a hundred years ago, it has played an important part in European history as far back as the 12th century.
Believe it or not, jeans were invented by a Latvian in the 1870s.
However, these facts should help you to learn a little more about one of Europe’s lesser known gems.
Due to its location in the Baltic region of Northern Europe, Latvia enjoys very long days during the summer months which are perfect for enjoying the parks and gardens of the city or the vast wooded areas that cover over half of the country’s territory.

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