Living and Teaching English in Hungary - Habits, Customs & Curiosities

As the cost of living continues to rise steeply in Western Europe, countries further east are becoming more and more popular with tourists and EFL teachers alike.

Hungary is one of the countries in the region that you might want to consider as it has a healthy job market for foreign teachers and living expenses are relatively cheap.

The capital Budapest is the most popular destination and you will find a brief guide to the city below.

Elsewhere you will find some basic travel tips and a unique insight into the country, the Hungarian people and the local culture.

Travel Tips for Hungary

Located in the heart of Central Europe, Hungary offers a great location for exploring the surrounding region as it borders no less than seven other countries.
During your stay you will want to try the delicious local cuisine which offers much more than just the world-famous goulash.
Before leaving home you might want to learn a few of these simple Hungarian words as they will certainly help you to quickly settle into your new surroundings.
Within the country itself there is no shortage of sights and attractions, from medieval towns and ancient thermal spas to wilderness hikes and the cultural splendor of the capital Budapest.
You should also sample some local wine which has been produced in many parts of the country for hundreds of years.

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Travel Guide to Budapest

Budapest is often said to be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe so it is no surprise that it is a popular destination for teaching English abroad.
During your stay you can also enjoy a wide variety of activities, including exploring major attractions such as the Royal Palace or relaxing at one of the city’s many thermal spas.
There are also plenty of bars, restaurants, cafés and nightclubs to try depending on your mood.
A combination of stunning architecture and tranquil parks and gardens are just two reasons for its popularity.
During the evenings you will be spoilt for choice as Budapest has a lively and varied nightlife that should suit all tastes, from theatre and opera to fine dining and live music.

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Unique Hungary

If Hungary is on your list of possible destinations for teaching English abroad, take a look at this fascinating insight into the country, its people and its unique culture.
This brief historical overview of Hungarian history shows how the events of the past 500 years have shaped the people and culture of today.
The Hungarian language is particularly unique as it contains two extra letters that you won’t find anywhere else and to make it even more difficult they write their names and the date differently to much of the world.
Although these statistics make for sad reading, there is little doubt that the future of Hungary is on the rise thanks to rapid development in recent years which has led to a huge increase in foreign visitors for travel and EFL teaching.

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