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W.Y. - Taiwan said:
The role of a teacherFirst of all I would like to state that being a teacher is not easy. All my former teachers that were part of my schooling, XX amount of years ago, had made teaching looked so easy. Little do I know now that there are so many obstacles that both a teacher and students have to face. The Public Medias [PM] are well known for their notorious coverage by emphasizing the negative of the news, e.g. Abusive teacher conducts, student conducts, political conducts (use your fists when there are disagreements) and typical abnormal ordinary people conducts. The PM does not do justice on people who do good deeds. The young people learn from the PM; absorb the wrong behavior attitude towards one another. The prime role-models for young people ought to be the adult figures in their life (someone they trust or admire), e.g. parents, grandparents, teachers, sports figures, T.V. stars, etc. Most adults are not fulfilling their duties while others don?t even acknowledge their role. The young people are like sponges they absorb all the goodness in life?s lessons as well as badness. They are greatly influenced by their surroundings from T.V. to home, from school to advertisements, from video games to cartoon characters. "If a seed of a lettuce will not grow, we do not blame the lettuce. Instead, the fault lies with us for not having nourished the seed properly." - Buddhist proverb Most parents are ignorance of their responsibilities in their role to educate their children to be decent human beings; rather they expect a teacher to fulfill that role. Importance of education and role-model, the young people is our future. Only by showing them the way can they be a decent citizens and broaden their prospective toward life. I have learned through examples and the ITTT course that being a teacher is also so much more. A teacher is a role-model for his/her students. A teacher needs to conduct in a professional-friendly way treat every student equally and fairly. When I was younger I always heard the US Army commercials on TV stating: ?It?s not just a job, it?s an adventure?, this slogan is very true for teachers as well. There are also the personal rewards that come when the students elevate themselves through learning. Not only a teacher needs to know how to explain English grammars but he/she also needs to have access to vast amount of references, e.g. games (students can play and compose worksheets), songs, stories, DIY (picture cards, props, student projects). And be able to incorporate within the lessons to make an ?enriched lesson plan? for the students to experience. Most students can learn from text books and work books without any difficulty while others need stimulations. I was one of those difficult students. Most of my former teachers were patient and they came up with ways to deal with difficult students like myself. They were great role-models and I would like to do the same.