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A.N. - Pakistan said:
Multiple intelligenceA little boy of age not more than 7 had reading problems and his parents and teachers took him as a slow learner, but later on he won the Nobel Prize in 1921, Albert Einstein. If we look deeply, our history is full with students who had problems in learning but later they became famous in a particular field of knowledge. Famous personalities like Leonard Da Vinci, Pablo Picasso and Thomas Edison had problems in reading and recognizing words pattern. So many students struggle in schools until they find their specialties or they ruin themselves. Now what Multiple Intelligence is? Howard Gardner a psychologist introduced a theory with the name of,? theory of multiple intelligences? in 1983. Howard Gardner modal of intelligence, differentiates intelligence into various modalities rather than seeing it as a single general ability. He argues that it is not necessary that a child who is having problems in doing certain type of task is less intelligent from the one who did that task easily, he may need a different approach to solve this task, he may be having different style or needs a deeper explanation to learn and he may excel in any other field. Theory of multiple intelligence and schooling: There are more possible ways to educate than by only logical and linguistic intelligence. The main purpose of schooling should be to develop intelligence and to find out real field of specialty in a student. People who are helped to do so are more engaged in social activities and are serving society in a productive way, Its simple, when someone is doing the things he loves for his livelihood, he will be more happy than any other. Criticism on theory: Theory is mainly criticized as Howard Gardner has mixed the definition of intelligence with ability, Modern IQ tests are based on the examination of general abilities but also on many narrow abilities which are considered as limitation to the theory of Howard Gardner, as on the basis of IQ test a person can be easily scrutinized. Conclusion: In the end I would like to say that the theory proposed by Howard Gardner which is being applied in many countries including U.S, should be applied in every school. Every brain is different from the other so instead of applying a single formula to every question, we should try different techniques on different brains. This can be explained better as, We see in our houses babies those who can?t even walk or speak have been taught to distinguish between colors by their mothers, by only using colored toys, mothers get to know what the favorite color of their baby is. So we should teach every single one the way he/she could understand rather than forcing them to adapt the methods which we feel convenient to teach.