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W.G. - U.S.A. said:
Why complete a TEFL courseWhy bother? I have a Bachelors/Masters degree in English 'why do I need to complete a tefl course' one might ask. Although one may be able to obtain employment as an esl teacher with just a Bachelors/Masters degree, acquiring a TEFL certificate almost guarantees that you will not only get the job that you want but, you will be able to command (in most cases) the salary that you're looking for. Acquiring a TEFL affords one an easier path to financial stability and personal fulfillment. Moreover, tefl certification focuses on the needs of students trying to learn English as a second language and the needs of teachers trying to teach English as a second language. For these reasons, and many more, one should bother to obtain an ESL certificate. There are thousands of esl teachers, both men and women, all over the world and thousands sought every year. In 2010 Footprints Recruiting - an esl teacher recruiting agency - alone signed a contract with the government of Georgia to provide 1,000 teachers a year! This company also has teachers in Brunei, chile, china, Georgia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, korea, Oman, Taiwan, thailand, Saudi Arabia and turkey. (1)Although Footprints Recruiting recruits primarily university graduates there are many that do not even require any previous experience, let alone any type of degree whatsoever. In many cases all that's needed is a firm command of the English language. (2) International tefl teacher Training or ITTT is advertised as "The world's leading tefl course provider". This company provides a well balanced program that offers one the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills needed to be an effective, efficient and productive esl teacher. Moreover, they provide assistance with job placement worldwide at the completion of the course. (3) Amongst the many benefits of acquiring an ESL certificate is the ability to travel the world. "Teaching ESL overseas has become an increasingly popular rite of passage for young North Americans. Many twenty-somethings see this experience as a great way to do a bit of traveling without breaking the bank." (Anne Merritt, '8 hidden benefits of teaching English abroad'). (4) Without breaking the bank' because, in most instances, when one obtains a job abroad one is offered a nice package that includes tickets, living expenses, health benefits and competitive salaries. In conclusion, because of the popularity of the English language, obtaining an ESL certificate opens the doors of opportunity on a global scale. It offers benefits, both apparent and hidden, that would be very difficult to obtain through another path. If one aspires to become a better esl teacher, travel to a different country, experience cultural diversity or just earn more money completing a TEFL is the way to get it done. It is some of the reasons why we should bother to complete the TEFL. 1. 2. 3. 4.