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W.C. - U.S.A. said:
British English vs American EnglishBritish English and American English, both I think that are very important, British for england or European countries and American for this side of the world. Some kind of controversy or misunderstanding people has created in my country Ecuador, where a huge part of the people thinks that British English is more ( Authentic) than American English Concerning to style, diction, idiomatic expression, pronunciation, I could say that really exist a difference between British and American, but what I don?t really got is why this such controversy or who have created this commentaries stating that one is super best than another. Personally I?ve founded in many occasions that I had a conversation with people from england, ireland, French, sweden, Australian, and other European countries, in fact they really have a different pronunciation in accent and idiomatic expressions, just to mention an example: In America we say Hi, how are you? While in British form I think they used to say Hi, how do you do? At this point if someone says here in America (How do you do) it is going to sound a little weird, because the people aren?t used to hear other forms of speaking more than American English For other side personally in times when I?ve had the opportunity to watch the BBC channel news from London, I?d to pay extra attention to understand what they are talking about, it may be a little funny but this situation here is true among many American people, including Center America and South America. The fact is that the language should be universally understood by the main part of native or non native english speakers, despite of the differences in pronunciation, stressing, accent and idiomatic expressions the main concept generally is the same at the time to teach or when speaking in the daily life. Regarding with if teach British or American English, I think there is not really important to me about which is the best for the students, because when they have completed a full training course a student might be able to communicate not only with Americans but with the rest of the world from china to argentina, because the fundamentals concept about reading, listening and speaking are the same for both styles. Going back there to Ecuador one more time, my intentions to let them know that it really doesn?t mind about what kind of English I?m going to teach. Is seriously because in many times, I?ve been involved in this issues trying to demonstrate that the language must be only one in Ecuador or spain but unfortunately other people which of course they never been in America (USA), they assume that if you speak American English Is less valuable that people who speak British English. Finally when we speak correctly or if we speak a standard or formal language, we?ll get to be understood by our listeners in order to show or set a good impression about our speech, because I always think that the way in how we write or speak French, Italian, English or Spanish, specially being the teacher, it might cause a very good impression for other people. Additionally there are not differences between British and American English, what makes the difference is who is going to teach and how the teacher will present this topic to their students in order to avoid further confusions and controversies.