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T.D. - U.S.A. said:
Why complete a TEFL courseThere are many reasons why completing a tefl course would prove to be a beneficial decision for anyone who is thinking about teaching abroad. Some of the most widely known reasons students decide to teach English are that it can provide a foreign-country experience of a lifetime, in which you can be given the opportunity to immerse yourself in a culture in ways that short-term tourists cannot. Many teachers use their TEFL certificate as a tool to find jobs while traveling as well, to fund them as they continue on their journey throughout the world. Other TEFL students may take the course as a gap year option before or after university, while others may use it as their first step in a life-long career in teaching English. In all cases, it usually applies a positive impact on lives all around the world, as English is the most commonly used language. Although there are several types of tefl course packages available, the most promising of those are ones that can offer 100-plus contact hours with at lease six hours of assessed teaching practice. These types of courses are usually sufficient in providing the TEFL students with enough knowledge and experience to beginning teaching classes of all levels once they have completed it. Their familiarity with the variety of teaching methods and experiences in facilitating different classes will usually have had provided the student with the confidence to begin teaching on their own. Also a significant part of their learning experience is that they will have gained the ability to design their own lesson plans, and will have improved their general sense of judgement when creating and selecting activities and materials for different classes. The prime concern for many aspiring English teachers is whether the tefl course can help them land a job in their preferred country or not. Since there is no set guideline, the chances may vary depending on the shortage of teachers and their qualifications. The criteria may range from having a master's degree plus 3 or more years of experience to simply being a native english speaker. The general understanding however, is that employer's will always look first for prior teaching experience. Therefore aspiring teachers with no background experience can greatly improve their chances by taking the tefl course. In cases where the TEFL qualification is a requirement, it can also be assumed that the school will be a reasonable place to work. In these regards, taking the course can make a large different depending on the situation, and may eventually open doors to higher paying schools. There are two ways of taking the tefl course. One is by taking it online, and the other is completed in an actual classroom setting. The online courses can prepare the student with an in depth understanding of what it means to be a teacher and how to be a successful one, yet since there is no actual practice with real students, it cannot provide the real life experiences offered in the on-location courses. Nevertheless, the online courses are ideal for teachers who only want a basic understanding of teaching English as a foreign language, and also for those that have other time constraints that would prevent them from taking the on-location courses. The on-location courses take place in a classroom setting, as mentioned, and is led by a qualified ESL instructor. These courses are generally for teachers who want to master teaching English and want to pursue their career in this field. Although it offers teachers a hands on experience in an actual classroom setting, they also tend to be more expensive and require more time to complete. In the end, the decision to take either course depends mainly on what the teacher is looking for. Whether a teacher decides to take the online or on-location course, having a TEFL qualification will almost always be a good thing to have on any CV regarding teaching English. It can prepare the teacher by providing skills in lesson planning, classroom management, knowledge in different kinds of language forms, and much more. Why do a TEFL Guide to tefl certification by Abbie Mood How to choose a tefl course by Jenny Johnson Why do a tefl course? What's the Best Country?