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What Class Rules and Class Management Should Really Be Like

What Class Rules and Class Management Should Really Be Like | ITTT | TEFL Blog

Classroom management means that during the teaching process, the teacher healthily takes the students in a short and disciplined way according to certain rules and personal education.

This post was written by our TEFL certification graduate Seçil B. Please note that this blog post might not necessarily represent the beliefs or opinions of ITTT.

The first item in the classroom to provide discipline: Listen to my command. In short, our aim in this article is to focus the students' attention on the teacher when we say dinle listen to me with classical conditioning. Listen to me command is an application aimed at gathering the attention of our students for a short time. This method, which has a lot of noise and aimed at gathering the attention of the students in a short time, is very useful. Even when you build a sentence with the word “listen meden'' before the teachers realize it, the movement teachers observed in the students will be quite a surprise. The student should know that this is the result of his behaviors. For this, the rules of class and school should be determined with the students at the beginning of the year and these rules should be assimilated by the students.

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Does each student follow these rules? No.

I have always seen the naughty student-teacher relationship as follows: The teacher draws a boundary and the student tries to overcome it. It's never my limit. An incredibly effective method for discipline in the classroom. Make sure to distribute tasks with the students in the classroom. Naughty students must be positively discriminated against. The more we go down to the logic of students, the more comfortable we can do this. What would you do if someone gave you the garbage and asked you to throw it in the trash? You throw it and you don't care. This process is continuous though? You specify whether to intervene somewhere. But the situation with the students is different. The smile on his face when I asked the student if he would throw it in the trash, his attitude to his friends: "He chose me!" You can’t understand.

The teacher should establish discipline in the classroom with his knowledge, affection, and respect for the student. For the good management of the classroom, the teacher should be able to establish good relations with the students. In this process, the teacher's attitude towards the students plays an important role. In this sense, the classroom management tool is a quality educational goal. Good classroom management cannot be expected unless the competence of the teacher is increased and his attitude towards the profession, which is the main variable of their use, is positive.

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Despite the changes in the education system, the indispensability of teachers in the system remains. Today, despite insufficient programs, lack of equipment, and physical impossibilities, education can be continued. But it is not possible to think of education without teachers. Also, the intense use of developing technological developments in education did not diminish the role of the teacher in achieving the objectives of education. Because education is not only the transfer of dry knowledge. Teachers also undertake an important function in social issues such as liberating students, gaining awareness of democracy, being creative productive individuals, and expressing themselves.

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